Our staff of certified interpreters can help you communicate with your customers and employees and overcome the Arabic language barrier. We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation service in the areas of healthcare, legal and community settings. We maintain strict standards of professionalism and posses exceptional linguistic and interpretation skills. Our team has certifications from: The Iraqi Translators Association, The American Translators Association, Global Linguist Solutions, the Language Connection, Harvard Pilgrim, International Medical Interpreters Association, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, New England Translators Association and the Federation of International Translators.

Our interpretative services can be conducted in many different settings including medical, legal and/or community settings. Arabic Alphabet’s interpreters maintains strict standards of professionalism and pride ourselves on our ability to offer linguistic and interpretative services onsite and over the phone. We strive to insure that our clients are equipped to handle any multilingual business or community interaction. Contact us today!